Why Are Flexible Risers Needed For Offshore Drilling? •

Why Are Flexible Risers Needed For Offshore Drilling?

[Posted on October 9th, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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Flexible risers are needed for offshore drilling. Without the use of risers on the ocean, it would be near impossible to access most of the world’s gas and oil supplies. Risers make it possible to obtain the gas and oil in the ocean’s crust and floor, and to do so, must be hundreds of meters long in some cases. These pipes must be strong and flexible to withstand changing ocean conditions and need to be able to hold up over time against salt, damage, and use.

Flexible risers help connect platforms to oil and gas below the surface of the ocean. They also help to transport fuel to platforms where it can be packaged and transported to nearby oil refineries or stations. There are many types of these risers available, and with riser analysis you can determine which type will work best in your particular situation. While there are many types, there are two main forms that most people will work with. Those include the steel catenary rise and bottom-weighted riser. While both are similar, they have significant differences that can make your work easier when implemented correctly.

Of the types of risers available, the one that offers the most benefits for the price is often the steel catenary riser. This riser has flexible steel pipes, is designed for deep-water drilling, and can be hundreds of meters in length, which makes it easy to connect your platform to the ocean floor and beyond. Normally, these operate between 2,000 and 5,000 psi, and they have a diameter of 8 to 12 inches.

Flexible risers such as the steel catenary riser often costs less to manufacture. Because of the amount of steel being used, the cost impact can be significant and beneficial. These risers are very dependable, and they resist high temperatures, pressures, and can be flexible to work with the changing patterns of the ocean.

At Stewart Technologies, you can select these risers or other styles that you prefer. Another solution you may prefer includes the bottom-weighted riser. This riser is similar, but it has a rigid elbow and horizontal parts made with titanium for strength. Stewart Technologies can help you determine the best choice for your drilling needs through riser analyses, so you don’t spend extra money on the wrong item. With the right tools, your drilling will go smoothly and allow you to work with fewer dangers on the job. With low-cost and lower-cost solutions, you can select the right piping and risers for your business, the location, and your needs.

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