Using Orcaflex for Investigations •

Using Orcaflex for Investigations

[Posted on August 14th, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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When an accident takes place, OrcaFlex may be able to help a company or investigators understand the underlying faults that led to an issue. This special software is produced by Orcina, the leader in offshore dynamics, and it can help with marine accident investigation.

Accidents are always something you’ll want to avoid as a business owner, and with this program you can save yourself a lot of trouble. Analyzing potential issues and trouble areas can reveal a lot of problems ahead of time, so you can be sure to address them before they become an issue that will cause a serious problem in the future.

However, if a marine accident investigation occurs, you’ll want to make sure you’re analyzing your failure through and through. It’s important to make sure your platform and mooring is in good shape so you can prevent future incidents and be sure that your workers and investments are safe and sound on the water. On top of this, with the right analysis, you’ll be able to be 100-percent certain that you’re doing everything you can to help the environment, even when drilling to remove oil and other minerals within the surrounding environment.

There are many reasons to use the software. You can use it for riser analysis, mooring analysis, towed systems, installation analysis, cable dynamics, and other purposes. Depending on the layout of your systems and company, you can even have customization put into place by STA.

Riser analysis includes ways to review your risers, including those with unbonded and bonded constructions. The analysis includes hybrid risers, umbilicals, and risers for CALM. Mooring analysis includes spread moored systems, single-point moored systems, jetty mooring, and harbor moorings for dolphin interactions and passing ships.

For towed systems, OrcaFlex includes the ability to work with seismic arrays, towed fish, towed bundles, and multiple surface vessel analysis. For cable dynamics and pipe lay analysis, drillers may use OrcaFlex to help determine pull-ins and hook ups, fiber-optic communication information, reel-lay, S-lay, and J-lay.

You can even use OrcaFlex for special buoy systems, including Oceanographic buoys, defense system buoys, air deployed systems, and others. For mudslide analysis, wave power systems, and forensics, the software provided can help you get everything worked out from A to Z.

If you run into problems with your mooring, for instance, this program can help you determine what caused the issue. Mooring failures can be analyzed by STA, and the analysis includes pipe laying analysis, wave power systems, expert witness marine, and other vital investigational techniques. The analysis will help drillers understand the failures, why they occurred, and what to do to help prevent them in the future.

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