Seakeeping Analysis with Stewart Technology Associates •

Seakeeping Analysis with Stewart Technology Associates

[Posted on September 18th, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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Seakeeping analysis is part of how the marine industry determines the sea state and other vital information needed while laying pipes and drilling. Seakeeping analysis involves four main terms, including the mission the ship has, the environment it's working in, the responses a ship will have within the environmental conditions, and the performance criteria that determine the ship's ability to respond, including things like noise, vibrations, and other factors. These four performance terms will vary for different types of ships; for example, a ferry will react in the environment differently than a drillship, and it's important to know how in order to promote safety and efficiency. Because seakeeping analysis can vary so significantly from one boat to another or even from one project to the next, it's very important that companies seek consultations about the environment and the capabilities of their ships. Knowing this information allows the organization to provide safe working environments with the right safety guards in place, and it also helps complete jobs within efficient time frames and with the right equipment. Hydrodynamic analysis is another part of Seakeeping analysis, and Stewart Technology Associates has earned one of the best reputations throughout the industry for their 20 years of service. Many services deal with hydrodynamics, which can help determine the hydrodynamic stability in the field. This can indicate how stable the fluids are in the area and will determine the chances of turbulence. When laying pipe or working on water, this is vital information that can keep workers safe and make jobs easier. Stewart Technology Associates knows the importance of seakeeping analysis and has become one of the best in the business because of its ability to rise to any challenge or need of customers. The company has been consulting within the marine industry for over 20 years and has expert staff members who are familiar will all aspects of marine technology, so you can trust that the information you receive from the company is accurate and trustworthy. STA has the experience and knowledge to complete tasks up to the industry standard, and their tools are of the highest quality. STA strives for excellence, and it only hires the best and most qualified experts to work on jobs. With the latest technology in tow, there is no question that STA can complete any job professionally and to the highest industry standards. STA has consulting services available for seakeeping analysis and software that helps complete the analysis in a timely manner without any discrepancies. STA uses OrcaFlex technology to consult with marine organizations all around the world, and over 170 organizations use this software's information when gathering analysis information and creating designs for marine frameworks and flexible systems.

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