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Trusted Comprehensive Hydrodynamic Analysis by Stewart Technology Associates

Small firm with top scientific specializations trusted for integrity

The Stewart Technology Associates team of specialist technology experts are highly educated with top scientific degrees, and universally respected for their research and top-level experience in world-wide hydrodynamic analysis projects. Stewart Technology Associates, (STA), specializes in design and analysis of offshore engineering projects and many marine engineering applications. In the current global economy, it is critical for our  clients in the oil & gas industries to push further offshore to find energy supplies that can meet the world demands.

We offer integrity and cutting-edge innovations for offshore structures, drilling processes and production equipment builds that continue to need unquestionable reliability, safety and predictability. STA places a strong emphasis one trust and dedication to the responsible use of highly technical knowledge. This top engineering firm enjoys worldwide respect for design proficiency and multi-level analysis.

Hydrodynamic Analysis

During close to 25 years of excellence in performing hydrodynamic analysis to help world acclaimed marine organizations solve their most difficult challenges and complex obstacles, we have developed top-grade experience involving jack up analysis, pipe lay analysis, CE marking and expert witness testimony, plus much more.

Detailed hydrodynamic analysis of an engineering design or product:

  • Scientifically predicts flow characteristics of bodies of water, body surface parameters expected to impact during the operational phases of the project.
  • Is critical to simulate and test submersible components, underwater power systems and marine architecture.
  • Extends the test data into further professional grade analysis of factors such as stress or vibration on marine structures and pipelines.

Use of Engineering Software to Analyse Flexible Risers

We use the world’s leading engineering software to design and analyze many types of marine systems including risers, mooring systems, marine renewables, towed systems, seismic arrays, seabed stability, and defense. Our first choice in professional engineering software for marine work is Orcaflex, because we get best in class GUI, scientific automation, and visualization. In the case of analysis for riser use,  types of steel and metal alloys, like for catenary risers and other tough marine technology project services, this software allows STA to offer flawless flexible riser design and completely accurate analysis that will exceed the client’s expectations.

Stewart Technology Associates tackles the tough science to make your project succeed

Under the professional leadership of Bill Stewart, CEO, our science and technology team has accomplished laudable worldwide projects and developed an esteemed customer base of U.S. government agencies, large and small oil industries, financial institutions and drilling contractors all over the world. Contact STA Tool-Free in Houston, by phone (713) 789-8340 or email, [email protected], for more details. 

Flexible Risers Are Regularly Used In Offshore Drilling

[Posted on May 14th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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When you are engaging in any kind of offshore drilling activity, it requires a significant amount of analysis. You need to bring a lot of specialized equipment onto the water with you and that’s where you will remain for months at a time. You cannot afford to make mistakes while you are out there, so the use of flexible risers along with detailed analysis is a must. Risers are used to serve as the connection between the drilling facilities and the subsea developments in the field. You will need to understand cable dynamics to account for all of the waves and other environmental factors while out in the water. Since you have a conduit in place, you cannot afford to disrupt the transfer in place and that is why flexible risers are commonly used. It offers, as the name implies, some flexibility to the overall structure of the drilling configuration so that you and all of your equipment are set up to the highest level out in the water. As you go into deeper water, you experience more pressure, more waves, and colder temperatures. All of these factors have to be a consideration so that you have the right equipment. Analysis of the riser configurations will ensure that you have considered all possible scenarios to avoid any kind of disruption to the material transfer. The flexible risers are going to act as a pipeline for vertical transportation. Should you be unable to find the riser that you need, the product would have nowhere to go because a vertical motion is required. As you gather the materials that are required for your offshore drilling, you need to take advantage of all the analysis that you can. Depending upon what you are drilling for and the depths of water that you are going into, you will need different types of equipment. If you fail to get the risers that are needed, your drilling expedition will not be as effective as you hoped. One of the biggest problems on the water is that you do not have access to more materials. Should someone have to bring supplies out to you, it leads to higher costs. When there are unplanned for costs, it can lead to a loss of investors – or the need to bring in more investors. Neither of these is ideal, which is why some planning before you ever take to the water is a necessity. Flexible risers provide you with the needed flexibility when you need a vertical connection so that you can move materials from the sea floor to the facility on top of the water. You don’t have to guess at what you need because advanced technology can run the scenarios and provide you with the in-depth analysis to tell you what the riser configuration should be and what you will require.

Stewart Technology Associates, Experts in Cable Dynamics

[Posted on May 7th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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The ocean is still a vastly unpopulated and under-explored region. This is true so much so that it still holds a fascination for people that live in an age of unprecedented technology and exploration. It is the last place on Earth that man has not conquered. As an unforgiving and dangerous environment, man has to be able to overcome, or work with, the elements of the sea. As experts in our field, we provide solutions for that purpose. Welcome to Stewart Technology Associates, the experts in cable dynamics.

While some want to experience life underwater for recreational reasons, others need to get through the ocean’s depths to drill for oil or gas, two of our most important natural resources, without destroying the pre-existing ecosystems. To do this, we at Stewart Technology Associates use a variety of tools and technology, including Orcaflex, a product created by Orcina. Our solutions are safe and effective, providing solutions without causing environmental damage.

Orcina is dedicated to serving the marine and offshore markets with software, analysis and assistance for oceanographic research, compliant marine renewables, seismic studies, ocean engineering and matters of defense. To ensure quality, Orcina only hires the top professionals in their fields, such as software engineers, naval architects, mechanical engineers and mathematicians. The benefit of this knowledge is displayed in the quality of Orcina’s product, Orcaflex. At Stewart Technology Associates, we combine Orcaflex with our expertise in cable dynamics to deliver the solutions our clients are searching for. We do this with our responsibility to the environment in mind.

One of our environmentally-friendly accomplishments has been the development of our flexible risers. In fact, we are well-known as the leaders in our industry for these risers, due to the quality of their design and the corresponding analysis services. We provide our clients with the benefit of our experience, plus the resources and technologies we have at our disposal, such as the Orcaflex software.

These risers have the ability to help protect the fragile ecosystems offshore drilling takes place in, helping us maintain our commitment to the environment. They also aid in the safety of offshore workers and increase productivity. With the ever-increasing cost of fuel, risers are beneficial and even essential, as they help with construction and production on offshore oil and gas platforms. <

The risers we can provide are cost-effective, made of flexible steel and are extremely reliable in a variety of environments. They are resistant to high temperatures and are able to take high pressures without giving. This ensures their eco-friendly use in an offshore or marine environment. We are able to use these in meeting the needs of our clients by providing the solutions they are looking for. With the tools and technologies we have at our disposal, Stewart Technology Associates delivers the solutions our clients need, when they need them, making us the leading experts in cable dynamics.

How Anchor Analysis Can Ultimately Save Your Project

[Posted on April 23rd 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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Whether you are in the oil drilling industry or any other offshore venture, you need to be aware of how anchor analysis is a necessity. When you use an anchor in the water, there are a lot of variables that need to be considered. If you fail to use worst-case scenarios in your analysis, you may not be prepared for what you actually face on the water.

Every day, there are maritime accidents in the news. Much of these have to do with the boats and rigs being unprepared for the conditions. It is likely that you are going to be in the deeper seas and this means being exposed to depths that require seakeeping analysis.

You have to know what to expect before you go out onto the water and at Stewart Technology, we use the latest OrcaFlex software to tell us about various conditions in order to provide anchor analysis. We take a variety of factors into consideration, including:

  • Depth of water
  • Height of sea swells
  • Salinity of water
  • Temperature of water
  • Likelihood of waves

The more that we know about the sea conditions, the better we can advise on using an anchor. Steel anchors are commonly used in order to anchor a boat or a rig, but you have to be sure it is of the best alloy and that there is enough chain attached to all of it.

Various types of anchors are used as well. If you do not use one that is heavy enough, the waves are going to push the anchor along the sea floor. This is going to cause you to drift significantly, which is what you may be trying to avoid. You can avoid accidents simply by having the right anchor in place – and that is the kind of analysis that we provide to our clients.

Your project is likely of the utmost importance. If it is like others within the industry, it is expensive with various investors involved. You cannot risk having an accident that prevents you from completing the project because it could mean the end of your business. A bad reputation is the last thing that you want to create while on the water.

A little bit of planning with anchor analysis can ensure that you are well-prepared for all of the elements when you go out onto the water. We will establish worst-case scenarios so that you are prepared for anything that Mother Nature may throw at you. From there, you can choose the best anchor as well as other equipment so that your project can be carried out regardless of the conditions that you face.

You cannot always do the analysis on your own and when you want a third party to weigh in, it can save your project from disaster.

The Benefit Of Steel Catenary Risers In The Open Sea

[Posted on April 16th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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Steel catenary risers are commonly used throughout the offshore drilling industry to add to the stability of a rig in regards to the waves and depth changes. It’s important to understand the actual benefits of using steel within the risers as opposed to another material.

The characteristics of steel are significant. When steel is used, you can rely on the strong metal to last within almost any environment that you place it in, including deep sea conditions.

There are various alloys that need to be considered when you look at steel catenary risers. Much of the alloys are capable of performing in various conditions. You need to be keenly aware of what kind of waters you are going into so that you can choose a rise that will provide you with all of the benefits that you require. You don’t want a riser giving out on you because of failure to choose the best one.

You have to consider such deep sea conditions as:

  • Depth of water
  • Pressure
  • Salinity
  • Temperature

All of these are going to affect the performance of steel catenary risers. Just as you need to have anchor analysis, analysis needs to be conducted with the risers as well. The benefits are abundant due to the steel construction, though there are still variables that need to be calculated before you can take your rig out into the deep waters.

Once you understand the mechanics of catenary risers, it will be easier to figure out exactly what you need. You will be able to obtain help with this based upon what the analysis comes back as.

Whether you have engineers on your team or not, you have to consider what you are dealing with. You cannot take the benefits of steel for granted when you go out on a rig simply because there are other factors that are going to work against you.

Various accidents have occurred on the oil rigs because of a failure to understand the water pressure, the depths, the temperatures and other factors. Especially when there are more rigs going into deep waters and even into the Arctic, you have to figure out what that means in terms of preparing the rig – and the steel catenary risers are a big part of the equipment that you need to take with you.

When you take the time to have a significant amount of analysis run, you can have definitive numbers to help you with a rig design. You can factor in worst-case scenarios, too, so that you can make adjustments once you are out on the water if the temperature is colder or if the depths are deeper than you initially anticipated. This will ensure that you maximize on the benefits and avoid an accident or other issues.

Learning From A Past Single Point Moorings Accident

[Posted on April 9th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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There are many considerations in the marine industry that can pose possible threats to industry property and employee well-being. Understanding those considerations and possible risks is crucial to running a safe and profitable operation. One of the key elements to keeping your own company and your  employees safe is to understand risk factors, and to keep yourself well informed of current and past catastrophic marine events as they pertain to equipment similar to your own. Single point moorings are one tenant of marine industry which can pose a threat to your business and employees when all safety measures are not adhered to. Although every operation would like to boast a zero accident rate, this is rarely the case. When catastrophic failures do occur, fellow marine industrialist would do well to pay attention and learn a lesson.

One recent accident involving the single point moorings of a deep water GOM operation makes an appropriate object lesson. In 2011 this operation experienced a failure at the tether chain of a free standing hybrid riser. This catastrophic failure caused the buoyancy can and free standing flow line riser to separate. The air can, weighing 440 tons rose suddenly to the surface while the riser suffered complete collapse. The event was investigated thoroughly in order to establish just what might have caused such a large scale failure.

The investigation of the single point moorings quickly located a compromised link in the tether chain which was connecting the buoyancy air can to the hybrid riser. It was later determined that the link failed because of a past welding repair which had been performed on it. The investigation determined that the defect in the link had been grinded down. The  void was then filled with weld material. Once heat treated welding repairs are not permitted in accordance with DNV’s chain standard. It was also found during the investigation that three other links in the tether chain had also been repaired in a similar way, compromising the structural integrity of these links as well.  Weld repairs of this nature create a weakness making the links more susceptible to cracking.

Although in this incident there were no employee injuries or fatalities to report, the risk factor was great. Avoiding such risk should be a critical part of your business plan.

Stewart Technology has been helping marine industries understand and assess risks like these for years. Our expert consultation services can help educate you and your employee base on the best and safest marine practices concerning your single point mooring system and steel catenary risers.

The Importance of Seakeeping Analysis

[Posted on April 2nd 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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If you have a watercraft, then the main thing you may think about is how much fun you have with the vessel. While this is important, you should always be aware of the safety. This is why it is important to have a Seakeeping Analysis done. There are a few things to keep in mind with this.

What is Done With This?

One of the best ways to see how important this analysis truly is is to see what all is done with this. The environment will be analyzed as this plays a pivotal role with any watercraft. With this they will look at the way the ship responds to different situations  as well as factors that may affect seakeeping with the boat or ship. This could include aspects such as the size, stability, displacement and more. One of the biggest things they look at is the human factor as this is what will play the biggest role when you are out on the water.

Chances are it is Needed

Another thing to keep in mind is that you may be required to have a seakeeping analysis done. It may be required by the government in order to get the proper licenses for your watercraft. You may also find that the insurance on the boat requires you to have this. Since it tells where the weaknesses are on the boat the insurance company will be able to fully understand the risk of insuring the vessel.

Perfect for Buying or Selling

When you are buying a boat or ship, especially if it is used, you want to make sure you understand the condition the boat is in and this analysis is one of the ways you can do it. It will help you to understand whether this is something you want to invest in or not. It is also a great tool to use when you are comparing different boats. When you go to sell your boat or ship, it is good to have this analysis done and handy as it will help to sell the boat faster as sellers will know what to expect with this vessel.

Whether you are dealing with a personal boat or a large ship for your business needs, it is important that you have a seakeeping analysis done on it. This will ensure that you understand the issues the boat has and the ways that you can correct this. When you take your boat out, even if it is to single point moorings you want to make sure you are safe as possible and that is the main reason for the analysis.

Use Riser Analysis To Avoid Incidents In The Water

[Posted on March 26th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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Accidents happen with oil rigs and offshore drilling all of the time. There are a lot of variables at sea and you want to take them all into consideration with your drilling facility. Riser analysis is critical to ensure you have thought of everything and that all is going to go smoothly when you make it out to the sea and set up a pipeline.


There are accidents at sea every day and many of them could have been avoided. Many people simply take to the sea without giving consideration to the amount of waves, the depth of the ocean, and even the temperature of the water.


With riser analysis, you can ensure that you don’t experience any kind of disconnect. Essentially, the risers are in place to be a conduit for transferring materials from the seafloor to your drilling rig at the top of the water’s surface. If you don’t establish the riser and all of the connections properly, you can experience an oil spill as well as various other problems.


Oil drilling and other offshore projects are expensive. It is important to get in the habit of strength testing a riser before you even make it out to the water to ensure that it will perform as you need it to. If there are issues, you want to know about them as soon as possible so that you can make changes to the overall design.


A marine accident investigation is going to take place if you have an issue with your riser or any other aspect of your rig while on the water. Instead of being counteractive, you want to find out about what could go wrong and then take the necessary precautions to ensure that they don’t happen. This requires riser analysis, which can be done with sophisticated software.


Your entire rig design can be entered into a computer. This includes noting where you will be setting up your facility, the length of your boat, and how far you will be anchored from the actual drilling site. Various variables will then be entered in including the depth of the water and the wave activities. It’s nearly impossible to tell what the actual depth of the water will be when you get out there as well as how high the waves can get.


This is why a ‘worst case scenario’ is going to be drafted as well. By doing this, you can get the most in-depth riser analysis so you can focus on preparing your rig to withstand all of the forces that could be experienced while you are at sea. This will prevent you from having an accident and potentially damaging your equipment or injuring your crew.


Taking the steps to order analysis before you go out can save you money and ensure productivity.

Orcaflex Takes Ocean Engineering To A New Level

[Posted on March 19th 2014 by Bill Stewart]

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It’s important to work with a company that can provide you with detailed analysis any time you are doing work in the ocean. Orcaflex is an advanced software program that can provide you with significant analysis for marine events. This includes details to provide you with insight for any offshore drilling projects that you may be working on.

You may not always have professionals with a background in ocean engineering on staff. This means that you need to find another way to learn about the effects of currents, waves, and even the salt water environment on what you are working on.

If you have an oil rig going out into some of the deepest waters of the ocean, you need to have riser analysis performed to ensure all is being set up properly. Every material that you use can be impacted by the salinity of the water, the depth, the temperature, and various other factors. Orcaflex can provide you with reports to show you what you need to be concerned with.

There is more offshore technology than ever before. With this technology, you can ensure that you are developing the best possible methods so that your rig can withstand the forces of the waves and even protect your risers against corrosion.

Offshore drilling and other marine projects can be a significant undertaking in terms of cost and time. You don’t want to purchase supplies only to have them damaged by the first large wave because of not having valuable analysis at your fingertips. The better solution is to work with a firm that uses Orcaflex so you can find out what you are going to be up against before you get into the water.

There are a lot of things that you can do and prepare for when you know the worst case scenarios. For example, you don’t know exactly how deep the water is going to be until you get out there. However, you can ensure that you are making the best possible calculations when you have advanced software as well as professional engineers running the numbers for you.

When you place risers out from the rig, you want to be sure they stay connected. These are essentially your lines between the ship and the bottom of the ocean floor. If something goes wrong with these, you may have the next biggest marine accident on your hands and this is negative press that you and your company do not need.

Orcaflex has been tested time and again and is capable of providing you with advanced engineering reports to ensure that you have a strong rig that can go up against the environment that you are placing it in. This will help you maximize your productivity and eliminate potential problems when you are in the ocean.

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