Oil And Gas Software is an Integral Part of a Firm’s Success

Oil And Gas Software is an Integral Part of a Firm’s Success

[Posted on November 2, 2015 by Bill Stewart]

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From simulation to billing to workflow solutions, software has a significant impact on the day-to-day activities of huge corporations and small consulting firms alike. In many instances, software is the driving force behind the way a company accomplishes its goals. Without it, most businesses could not compete at any level. That is especially true when it comes to the oil and gas industry.

Software has become integrated into virtually every aspect of a company’s functions from data entry to mooring analysis. Software aids in the critical task of helping to create revenue and profitable relationships, as well as saving money and time in everyday operations and specific applications such as marine engineering software or risk assessment.

Solutions for the oil and gas industry are used in a variety of ways, including the design and construction of marine vessels and production platforms, oil spill cleanup, hydrodynamic analysis, mooring design, risk assessment, and much more.

Software Solutions

At Stewart Technology Associates, we are a consulting engineering firm specializing in marine and offshore structures. We offer a broad range of software for the analysis and design of marine systems. We also upgrade and provide aftermarket support for the software applications that we market. We have a thorough understanding of a variety of software applications and can make recommendations for what you need for a specific job, as well as offer training for a particular application. We stay up to date with the current versions and can determine upgrade compatibility on your behalf.

How Does a Small Firm Benefit?

Rapid execution of complex problems is the goal. For a small firm, software applications can perform tasks at a much quicker pace than an individual employee. You can accomplish much more in a limited time frame and a within a smaller budget. It helps keep your employees focused on what is important, by providing results that aid in organization. It can also help with project design and execution in a timely fashion.

The time savings alone are worth the price of admission. The faster you deliver a successful project, the more likely you are to be rehired. Software can help you achieve maximum productivity in a minimal time frame. And it is yours to reuse wherever and whenever it benefits you and your clients. The software will pay for itself with just a few successful projects. If you are relatively busy, you can achieve a rapid return on your initial investment.

Software can help you streamline maintenance, planning, optimization, compliance monitoring, contingency planning, response and recovery, and the sharing of assets and data. It can help supply the accurate and reliable information that is crucial to reducing the amount of time on a project.

What if Affordability is an Issue?

If the cost of an application is an issue, you may want to consider hiring a consulting firm on an as-needed basis for projects that require specific software. What is the bottom line? If the software is something that you will frequently be using for the bulk of your jobs, then it may benefit you to make the investment.

Getting the Necessary Training

If you need training for your employees in the various software applications that you purchased, an excellent way to get them up to speed is using a consulting firm to expedite instruction. This can be cost-effective in the long run because the sooner your engineers and technicians are up to speed, the faster they can apply what they have learned to profitable ventures.

A successful consulting firm will do two things very well: One, understand your needs and make recommendations based on your requirements, and two, train your staff in the use of the software. An engineering consulting firm can provide one on one training or group training in a seminar type atmosphere. They can typically perform training on-site, or they can host your employees at their location.

This is an excellent shortcut to learning the software and gaining hands-on experience. Some consulting firms are resellers of specific software. They can often provide the software at a discount, and include onsite training. A consulting firm can also make recommendations for the type of software that is best suited for a particular project.

Increase Overall Productivity

Time is your most valued asset, and if too much of it is wasted in performing daily tasks, you can implement software to simplify frequent routines. Software can help with time management and allow your staff to focus on the important tasks, such as the projects at hand. Data can be gathered in an organized fashion and accessed by any employee. Productivity can be boosted with the aid of user-friendly, intuitive applications. Workflow is improved all-around.

Ease of Collaboration

Advanced O&G software can improve the collaborative effort among your employees. They will all have access to the same current and accurate data. This means that your various departments can function together easily in a fluid manner on all your projects.

Technology advances at such a rapid rate that it is seemingly impossible to keep up with the latest developments. It is no longer a matter of whether software should be used; it is a now a matter of which software should be used.

Most firms, regardless of size, recognize the need to acquire software to help meet goals and increase profitability. It is necessary to leverage the best technologies available. The demand for streamlined and efficient solutions is growing. A firm may purchase its discipline-specific software or contract with consulting companies that specialize in the disciplines required.

Which solution is more cost effective depends on a lot of factors, and it is something only you can determine. However, with the rate that the industry changes, and the rate that software is upgraded to meet those needs, it may make more sense financially to use consulting firms rather than invest in the software.

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