Hydrodynamic Analysis Will Keep Workers Safe On Offshore Drilling Platforms •

Hydrodynamic Analysis Will Keep Workers Safe On Offshore Drilling Platforms

[Posted on September 11th, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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Trying to cut down on costs and speed up operations, a new drilling company foregoes the required hydrodynamic analysis as it sets up its offshore platform and mooring equipment. The marine waves are calm during most of the drilling, as the company is pumping up hundreds of thousands of natural oil reserves for consumers and industries around the world.

Then the inevitable happens. Since the company did not hire an technology consulting firm such as Stewart Technology Associates to perform the right seakeeping analysis, they were unaware that the marine waves change at certain times of the season. The waves become quite violent as the storms hit the offshore drilling rig. The platform begins to buckle and collapse as workers try to escape the falling equipment.

Having the proper analysis done can prevent such an accident from occurring. All types of floating facilities, whether they are exploring for oil and gas resources or are production companies pumping these natural fuel resources from the oceans, need to safely operate out in marine waters. Hydrodynamic analysis consists of reviewing mooring equipment, wave motion and facility stability. The technology consultants search for issues that may occur and gives offshore platform drilling solutions that are suited for the area where your production facility is located.

It doesn’t matter if you are one of the small gas companies or one of the 25 largest oil companies in the world. You need to operate your floating structure in the safest manner possible to prevent the possibility of marine waves from causing equipment damage and injured workers. technology consultants can provide you with the following services:

  • Mooring analysis
  • Stability analysis
  • Marine operations analysis
  • Marine wave motion analysis

With experts performing reviews and examinations of your operations and the marine wave heights, they can determine if you have any existing problems with your structure or may experience future problems caused by the changing marine waters. Hydrodynamic analysis can be performed on all existing structures and also on new concepts where expert evaluations can be made so that changes are implemented before the actual building of the structure.

By gaining expert consulting concerning strength capacity and fatigue capacity of your offshore drilling operations, you can ensure costly accidents will not happen. Protect your equipment and your workers with hydrodynamic analysis from Stewart Technology Associates as you can build a structure that will last for as long as required for your offshore exploration and drilling operations.

With the higher demand for fuel resources from all industries and consumers, it can encourage an oil or gas company to cut corners to drill up as much oil and gas as quickly as possible. Yet you should never cut corners when it comes to having stability and mooring analysis performed. Get the latest technology consulting advice before beginning your offshore drilling operations.

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