Get the Right Anchor Analysis for Your Job With Help from Stewart Engineering Associates

Get the Right Anchor Analysis for Your Job With Help from Stewart Engineering Associates

[Posted on March 15th, 2015 by Bill Stewart]

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Anchor analysis is vital as an offshore worker since it makes sure the platform stays safe. In a safe environment, you can do your job. As a subsea pipeline engineer, you work to develop, design, and test pipelines that will work effectively while bringing oil and gas from under the sea to the surface. Analyzing your pipes, anchoring, and other aspects of your equipment has to be a priority for your safety.

What is Subsea Pipeline Engineering?

A subsea pipeline is an offshore pipeline. It is laid below the ocean’s bed, which requires drilling, or it can be placed in a trench instead if one is available. You may find that the pipeline you need to create needs to be onshore most of the time but then must enter the seabed quickly.

When you need a pipeline engineered, you can consult with us at Stewart Technology Associates. Our software can help you determine if your equipment is up to the task of creating the line you need for gas or oil under the sea.

With us, you can have a new pipeline designed that stands up to the tasks you have in mind.

What Are Some Things to Consider About Pipeline Design?

When a pipeline needs to be tethered, you need to have an anchor analysis completed to make sure it can hold up to the power of the ocean, wind, and changing environment.

You’ll also want to consider how the pipeline could affect the offshore ecology. Do you need to tether or drill into a coral reef? Do you need to dig deep to find an anchor point that will be stable enough to hold? What do you do in the case that you’re close to shifting plates on the ocean floor? These are all questions you should have answered to make your operation run smoothly.

The tension of your anchor can be determined before you ever have to implement it thanks to anchor analysis and the application of math and science. Through the analysis software, you can see how the anchor needs to be placed to have the optimum amount of tension to hold your pipeline sturdy. The software can take into account geostructures that may influence the tension of your line as well.

Another thing to consider is geohazards. Things like earthquakes and slowly-shifting tectonic plates can cause landslides, shaking, overpressurized zones, and other problems. By considering these factors in your analysis, it’s easier to make sure your pipeline can stand up to these hazards instead of breaking or leaking, which would result in danger to the environment and a loss for your business.

Whether you’re new to drilling or need help with a particularly difficult scenario, we can assist you and make your job as easy as possible at Stewart Engineering Associates.

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