Anchor Analysis for Marine Drilling •

Anchor Analysis for Marine Drilling

[Posted on August 21st, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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Anchor analysis is important in marine drilling operations, and Orcaflex software is some of the best for the job. The industry-leading software is used by many of the top companies that work in marine drilling and building. Steward Technology Associates offers technology consultancy that includes anchor analysis with this programming technology, with full price ranges available on the site and upon request.

The company has been in business since the 1980s and has worked with drillers from all around the world. The company works with the drillers to collect data and to analyze it, so they can get their work done more efficiently and create an atmosphere that is safe for workers and the environment that surrounds them. The data also helps drillers make improvements to the performance of marine and offshore structures, so they can be safer and adjusted for better performance over time.

STA’s anchor analysis looks at an operation on the whole, so this can show the drillers how to increase safety levels at the site of a project as well as how they can improve their productivity levels. There are often reports that show how to yield value right away, but the analysis also looks at how to increase value over the course of time and into the future.  The company has programming with OrcaFlex and other software that will help the analysis be completed fully.

There are different versions of the software that a company can choose to use for analysis, including Orcina, a well-known platform that can help in almost every aspect of marine building, drilling, and exploration. The Orcina line includes OrcaFlex 3-D, Orcalay, and Orcabend. The 3-D program offers tome-domain anchor analysis of marine systems that are flexible and in areas with irregular waves, like near-shore operations and those in rough waters. The Orcalay program offers static pipe-lay analysis, so hardware can be laid appropriately over a distance and made to work correctly without major faults or losses in productivity. This type of software can be used to determine lay patterns over land and sea when necessary, helping avoid costly misalignments.

Orcabend is a bend design program that is available upon request. The program is one of the leading software packages in the industry and can help with installation planning, towed systems, marine renewables, seabed stability, and other important factors that drillers have to consider on a daily basis. With the ability to check the seabed, for instance, companies will be able to be sure that their installation won’t shift over time, leading to fewer problems like damage from seabed settlement or cracking from uneven angles or water levels over time. Without checking these vital aspects of drilling, the installation could be damaged over time and lead to dangerous problems with the area.

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