4 Reasons To Buy Steel Catenary Risers •

4 Reasons To Buy Steel Catenary Risers

[Posted on September 25th, 2013 by Bill Stewart]

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When you are in the market for risers, it pays to know why you should use steel catenary risers. While there are many different types of risers on the market, the steel catenary ones, commonly referred to as SCRs, have a lot to offer you. As long as you are in the oil drilling business, you want to make sure you have the right tools.

Just as you want single point moorings when you are creating loading buoys, you want to make sure you have the right stabilization on your rigs as well. There are many steel risers that you can choose from. Steel is more flexible than a lot of people give it credit for and as such, it offers many advantages.

One of the top reasons to use these kinds of risers is that they are more affordable to manufacture. Oil rig risers can be very expensive. A slight reduction in expenses can add up quickly considering how many risers you need when setting up a rig.

Another reason to use steel catenary risers is because they are reliable. Cost is not a reason to doubt the quality of these risers. They are able to handle a variety of different conditions. When you are putting risers in the sea, you know that they must be able to work in various environments – and any kind of technology analysis is going to prove this to you.

Another reason to use the riser is because they are less sensitive to the environment than other riser systems. They are able to work with high temperatures as well as high pressures. Regardless of what sea or ocean you are drilling in, you can use the steel catenary risers and know that they will be able to hold up year after year. This means they will last throughout the project. You can then use them for the next project or sell them used in order to recuperate some of your initial expenses.

The fourth reason to use these risers is because feasibility assessments show that they are able to go into depths of water ranging from 500 meters all the way to 3,000 meters. You may not be able to determine how deep you need to go when you start off. If you have to go into deeper water, you don’t have to stop and wonder whether your risers are able to hold up or not.

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy steel catenary risers. While they are versatile, it won’t prevent you from getting data analysis. You still need the analysis to tell you about the subsea conditions that you will be working at. You can then choose the SCRs to give you the confidence you need out in the middle of the ocean – and allow you to choose all of the other appropriate materials for your rig.

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