10 Things to Look for When Choosing Software Solutions for Your Industry Needs

10 Things to Look for When Choosing Software Solutions for Your Industry Needs

Oil and Gas Software

[Posted on July 6th, 2015 by Bill Stewart]

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As a business owner in the oil and gas industry, you have a lot on your mind. A part of that may include managing your business’s production, minimizing all of the expenses you have, and improving overall functionality within the business. Saving money, improving efficiency, and boosting productivity are one of those important needs. No matter what industry you are in, it is essential to allow software to help you make it more streamlined and efficient. When buying these products, though, you may be unsure where to start or what to look for in them. The following are some examples of what you’ll find available to you and what this product can offer to your business.

#1: Standards have to be met

No matter what type of oil and gas software you need to purchase from design to management, one thing has to be present. That is the ability to meet specific standards. Within this industry, every component seems to have very specific regulations and requirements. If standards are not met or are not met consistently, then it can create a problem for you from the start. Ensure that the company that provides the products you need is providing the highest possible level of compliance to all modern standards.

#2: Affordability is a factor

Beyond looking at the details of any product, it is also important for your business to take a closer look at what you are paying for when you purchase one program or the next. Often times, products are not streamlined to your industry. They lack specializations you need and provide a wide range of services and products that you do not need. This complicates the process and raises your costs significantly. When choosing products, then, consider affordability based on what is provided and how well it meets your unique needs.

#3: It needs to offer the analysis you need

Again, differences in the industry create a very tough situation for many software buyers. One way to find exactly what you need is to focus on analysis provided by the product. For example, if you need hydrodynamic analysis, this should be a main component of the product you buy. Luckily, you will find a wide range of products available to meet these unique needs including options for jack-up simulation, ballast control, mooring simulation, downtime comparisons, dynamic responses and much, much more.

#4: Professional support

Let’s face the fact that most people in this industry do not have software degrees. The language itself can be confusing. You do not have to waste your time learning the difference between ORCALAY and BMS or other terms. If you choose the right company, that provider will work closely with you to answer your questions, guide your decisions, and help you to make the best possible purchase. That is, you need a company that will help you find the correct software for your specific application needs.

#5: Work alongside your engineers

Also important is the ability of the software provider as well as any service provider to be available and willing to work with your engineers throughout the project. This should mean that you can work on any offshore or marine structure effectively because your designers have access to the tools and resources they need from the software provider and the product itself. You need your engineers to be on board with your decision, too.

#6: Hidden costs are not necessary

One of the misconceptions about these services is that the costs are not clear. If you went to the local paper supply location to get a software program for your child, it is a set price that you can easily see and compare to others. It does not have to be much different when purchasing software designed for your company’s needs. That is, you should be purchasing from a reputable provider willing and able to provide you with comprehensive products at affordable rates and with a clear description of what you will pay. There shouldn’t be any hidden costs.

#7: Ease of learning

Something many people do not think about when purchasing products like this is the ease of learning it. Do you want to spend a great deal of time training people and working with them to get up to date? More so, you likely want to be able to get set up and get to work so that you minimize downtime and improve profits and services right away. Look for a product easy to learn and use.

#8: The service you need is likely available

Another thing you should know is that the product you need is likely there. For example, you will find products ranging from ballast control products to design services. What is also important here is to realize that technology has improved significantly. You will find products available that provide an easy, step by step way for you to communicate and work.

#9: Look for prevention tools

Another fantastic thing to look for and expect when purchasing this type of software and these tools is a bigger focus on prevention. That’s essential. You will find that many of today’s best products are designed to create prevention from accidents and risks rather than just addressing common repairs and design concerns. This could mean fewer repairs for your company and that means more money in your pocket.

#10: Incredible training simulators

Did you know that many of the services you need will have simulations that are about the same in terms of quality and design as what pilots get for learning to fly planes? That’s an incredible benefit for any company. Take the time to learn what this can mean to your company, such as improved downtime and accuracy, improved function and an improved result.

There is no doubt that today’s consumer will find more software products available for more versatile needs. Most importantly, there are solutions available to meet any customer’s needs in the oil and gas industry. It is your job to find what works for your specific project need or business management function. However, with a professional service by your side to help you through the process, you can streamline it and get the results you desire. Take into consideration all of the options available to you from leading companies in the industry.

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